Brand Spotlight - LBM 1911

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The concept behind LBM 1911 is that of casual elegance combined with tailoring & quality characterized by innovation & attention to detail at the highest level. The fits reflect the latest trends & the garments are dyed using an exclusive process and special washing.

Distressing gives the garment a vintage image and that, “lived in” look. This exclusive Made in Italy finishing is applied to the completed garment. The use of this very complex processing ensures the LBM 1911 product achieves the highest level of excellence.

We are very excited to have LBM 1911 as the foundation of our clothing offerings this fall. LBM 1911 is steeped in traditional tailored clothing via the Lubiam brand. Lubiam, now rebranded as Luigi Bianchi Mantova, was initially founded in 1911 by master tailor Luigi Bianchi in the Italian city of Mantova, hence the acronym, LBM.

What makes the LBM product so right for so many men is that it much more casual, because it is washed and garment dyed. This makes it as easy to wear with trousers as it does with casual pants and even jeans, but the look stays refined. But don’t be fooled by its seemingly casual design. As many as 250 workers, between product developers, pattern managers, designers, factory workers, etc, work on each blazer. And because each jacket is first produced from raw white fabric, then dyed and washed, each blazer takes on a unique look, from the subtle color variations to the soft hand and feel.

In the end, what you get is a superior garment produced by using old world craftsmanship as well modern garment washing and dying techniques. There is no question you will love this jacket.

grae has many styles and sizes in stock, but we can also order 6 different styles from the LBM stock book. We also have LBM pants to coordinate with the jackets!

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